Quick Guide

This is a quick start guide for Clients using CallDaily

1. Register for a Free
2. Create a New Project

Add a description of your Project Upload contacts via CSV File Upload any Project files for Agents to read through

3. Search our Agent Database

Filter agents by hourly rate, location, speciality, feedback etc.

4. Add your Payment Method

5. Invite an Agent to your Project selecting the project duration
6. Upload Contacts via CSV file including any specific notes about the contact
7. The Agent will then accept your project and start making calls with their specified working hours.
8. Agent Calling Hours are calculated automatically based on the time they spend on the calls. They must reach 8 hours of calling time to complete 1 day of work. This could be split over multiple days, especially if the agent can only work less than 8 hours daily. You can review call recordings immediately after calls are completed via the agent’s contract.
9. View other call statistics via the dashboard
10. Chat to agents via an easy interface for any questions or queries you have
11. After the full project is completed (EG: 8 Hours of Calling Time, 16 Hours etc). The agent will receive the funds (Minus the CallDaily fee) for withdrawal.